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Man who appeared in court is legally dead, judge says

Of course, the ex-wife shows up to oppose his request to be declared legally alive again. Filed under Hollywood movie script ideas, comedy?

An Ohio man who appeared in court on Monday is legally dead, a judge has ruled. Donald Eugene Miller Jr. was declared dead in 1994, eight years after he disappeared from his home in Arcadia, the Courier reports. On Monday, Judge Allan Davis of Hancock County said Miller is still legally dead because a death ruling cannot be changed after three years have passed. UPI and Yahoo News noted the story. Miller, 61, told the court he was an alcoholic and he left town because he lost his job and he was unsure what to do. He wants to revArse the death ruling so he can get a driver’s license and reinstate his Social Security number. Miller’s former wife, Robin Miller, opposed Miller’s attempt to reverse the ruling. She has been receiving Social Security death benefits for her children and she says she . .

via Man who appeared in court is legally dead, judge says.


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