Happy New Year – unless you log in remotely…

Some things about practicing law are the same wherever you may roam. See the following from a Solicitor’s blog: Legal Orange. http://legalorange.wordpress.com

Legal Orange

So rather than live in fear of the “To Do’s” mounting up as I am out of the office I decided to log in remotely. Bad idea.

There was almost 200 things to do. This was made up of a variety of things:

  • incoming emails, post & voicemails
  • management information
  • a last minute application made on the same day they were due to file a defence (they want arbitration now, having never mentioned it beforehand)
  • witness statements that have been returned
  • a defence (which is likely to succeed)
  • expert reports (both of which look unfavourable, having already been paid handsomely to provide a preliminary report, now the case is going to be litigated they have both got cold feet at the prospect of attending Court) 
  • outstanding cost matters that were not completed by year-end (*argh*!!!)
  • etc, etc, etc


After about 3-4 hours I managed to get this under the 100 mark…

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